Hello, I'm Alex

Top tier Front End Engineer & UX/UI connoisseur based in Bucharest, Romania.

I love crafting flawless e2e experiences from scratch and designing structural solutions for pain points that users may encounter anywhere along their journey within the product.


I can help you with apps development.


I have over 5+ years of demonstrated experience, working on multiple projects from small size to king size for multinational companies, local agencies and start-ups.

Currently @ Orange Romania.


Next level features built upon top-notch technology dedicated to bring you most sustainable solutions.

Fully Responsive

Resize, shrink, enlarge. Your website will rescale itself to preserve the user experience and look & feel across all devices.

Inspiration Sparks

A masterpiece of modern design crafted to satisfy the most eccentric tastes and to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Lightning Speed

Lightning speed for lightweight richness. Following the latest speed optimization methods to improve your site performance.

Brand Awarness

Make your website instantly recognisable to consumers and ensure they help to maintain a positive image or reputation.

User Centered

User experience should be lightweight simple but rich when it comes to accessibility.
User centered design pays off.

SEO Friendly

Search engines will love your website. Besides, a solid internal linking structure SEO-wise can help further to index the pages on your site.

Projects & Career Roadmap

Just few companies that I'm proud to have collaborated with on some great projects and concepts.

Design Process

I love drawing, painting and creating visual ecstatic design that will amplify users engagement.

I use Photoshop for 2D graphics and Illustrator for vectors and isometric objects.

Down below you can find some infographics describing the process of creating artworks using Photoshop.

Tip: Hover any section.

Tip: Touch any section.


Firstly create a sketch for your object and make a blueprint.
Secondly identify and create the shapes your object consists of. Each shape can have multiple clipping masks or you can create a single shape with multiple clipping masks.


Paint details for each clipped mask shape.


Create edge reflections by clipping the whole shape to a white background then use background removal tool with a hard brush to create the stroke effect.


Add glowing where needed and blend between different colors on inner clipped mask shape.
Paint with soft brush tool using saturated colors on low to medium opacity.


Add lightning and reflections on inner clipped mask shape by using background removal tool with soft brushes on low opacity.


Add more details / repeat the steps above.


After you're comfortable with your work the final step is adding the shadows. Aaand you're done, congratulations.


Have a project in mind or just wanna say hi? 👋

Drop me a line and I'll try to get back to you shortly.


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